Friday, November 01, 2013

1st of November

Okay, I know I have been AWOL for a while but here I am again!

Since it's the first of November, I've decided to do a special ootd wearing Breima's fringed top in 2 ways. :)

First look!

aah, neon with mint is a match made in heaven!

Bad hair day, unfortunately, everyday.

See, what's unique with this fringed top is that the "fringes" are not too thin! It's like Fettuccine vs. Spaghetti. 

I actually had 3 shades of green in my whole outfit! Makes me a proud green girl (in a "green is my favorite color" kind of way haha).

aaaand the 2nd one!

I was actually about to leave when I came up with this. 
I was wearing my LBD (little black dress) and I had my eye on my forever fave plaid button down (coz you know, it gets so chilly at night) when instead I grabbed this loose fringed top. and Viola! Another versatile piece in my closet. :)

A little off shoulder look won't hurt :))

look! It's Fettuccine-ish! :">

Super cute hair bow from Seascapemnl! 

This is probably my fave "Chunky Shoes" so far. It's gold, it's comfy, it fits, hahaaay, I'm in love with it! 

Bad hair day beanie - Urbandreamsph on Instagram

Mint Fringed Top - Breima on Instagram

Army Green Shorts - Cotton on (but I got it from Stylesnapmnl on Instagram)

High socks tights - Circus Manila on Instagram

Neon pink and gray clutch - Terranova

Creepers - I actually can't remember the name of the shop :( but just as well, also from Instagram. hihi.

Pastel Yellow Hair bow - Seascapemnl on Instagram

Little black dress - Forever 21

Color block bag - CMG

Chunky Sandals - Titaniaph on Instagram

Hype this look on lookbook! :)