Friday, September 13, 2013

Quick Sets

I really should start thinking of my health.

I feel super sick again and I think it's cause of lack of sleep. I proclaim myself an insomniac. :( huhu

Well anyway, I'm still up an trying desperately to sleep. What I usually do is go to different online shops just to "window shop" (which usually ends up with my wallet crying), but since I just did my shopping recently, I decided to go to to make a few sets! :)

Check em' out! 


* This is probably what I'd wear to a rock concert (open field type). I wanted to turn this into an all black outfit..but cmon! those topshop jeans are meant for that bomber jacket! Plus it's ankle cut! pair it with wedge booties & I'm sure to look taller. <3



* You got to love gold with white! They're a match made in heaven. Kinda like what Athena or Aphrodite would wear if they were humans. Haha! I almost never go all white cause I'm really messy. But this is a perfect look when going to the mall. Tried to add a little "funky" with the beanie! 


* I totally dig this! Not to mention I am obsessed with pullovers. Black & White combos are a necessity in my wardrobe. Clean & chic, Yin & Yang. :)

Retro Vintage

* Can this be more Carrie Bradshaw? Faded florals screams vintage! With those shoes and that lovely skirt, you'll surely feel like your back in time (not that I was born in the 60s). Hihi!


* This is my favorite of all the sets I made tonight! You can go from day to night with this look. Just change your shoes and you're off to go! (or don't. Unless you're me, I can't go shopping in stilettos. Ouch!)
If someone could just tell me where to buy that cropped top here in Manila, please, I will forever thank you! I.NEED.THAT. 

Will start to make sets for some Corporate styles for our OJT ( on the job training) seminar next next week. I'll be sure to have a black and white look! :)

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