Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Fashion Blog.. Not entirely.

So I thought about this for so long maybe because I wanted to do this for so long too!

Since I am into fashion right now and I keep posting my looks in lookbook and my OOTD's in Instagram, I decided why not also blog about them? :)

Yes, I know I maybe new to this but I just know this is something I will enjoy doing.
 I mean c'mon!
I prepped up my blog, put time and effort into understanding HTML codes again. (haha)

Since I want something brand new, I won't be posting old looks here, only photos I have taken now in my Senior year of college.

But this will not be entirely a fashion blog! I love food too, and I love posting my opinions as well. So, I guess it's just a little bit of everything.

I am very excited for this new addiction in my life! hihi.

Well anyway, maybe it's best to get to know me first.

My friend had interviewed me before for this fashion magazine that she was doing for her class. Since she knows that I do photo shoots a lot, she decided to, well, interview me. Being the good friend that I am (and of course I wouldn't let the opportunity pass even if I know it's not a real magazine), I said YES with matching "kilig". haha!

So here are the screen caps from the magazine she made! :)

Ta-dah! So there, a bit of info about me. :)

Just getting my wardrobe ready.

YOU CAN SEE THE WHOLE MAGAZINE HERE. (She also interviewed Dani Barreto hihi) 

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