Friday, September 13, 2013

Quick Sets

I really should start thinking of my health.

I feel super sick again and I think it's cause of lack of sleep. I proclaim myself an insomniac. :( huhu

Well anyway, I'm still up an trying desperately to sleep. What I usually do is go to different online shops just to "window shop" (which usually ends up with my wallet crying), but since I just did my shopping recently, I decided to go to to make a few sets! :)

Check em' out! 


* This is probably what I'd wear to a rock concert (open field type). I wanted to turn this into an all black outfit..but cmon! those topshop jeans are meant for that bomber jacket! Plus it's ankle cut! pair it with wedge booties & I'm sure to look taller. <3



* You got to love gold with white! They're a match made in heaven. Kinda like what Athena or Aphrodite would wear if they were humans. Haha! I almost never go all white cause I'm really messy. But this is a perfect look when going to the mall. Tried to add a little "funky" with the beanie! 


* I totally dig this! Not to mention I am obsessed with pullovers. Black & White combos are a necessity in my wardrobe. Clean & chic, Yin & Yang. :)

Retro Vintage

* Can this be more Carrie Bradshaw? Faded florals screams vintage! With those shoes and that lovely skirt, you'll surely feel like your back in time (not that I was born in the 60s). Hihi!


* This is my favorite of all the sets I made tonight! You can go from day to night with this look. Just change your shoes and you're off to go! (or don't. Unless you're me, I can't go shopping in stilettos. Ouch!)
If someone could just tell me where to buy that cropped top here in Manila, please, I will forever thank you! I.NEED.THAT. 

Will start to make sets for some Corporate styles for our OJT ( on the job training) seminar next next week. I'll be sure to have a black and white look! :)

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Fashion Blog.. Not entirely.

So I thought about this for so long maybe because I wanted to do this for so long too!

Since I am into fashion right now and I keep posting my looks in lookbook and my OOTD's in Instagram, I decided why not also blog about them? :)

Yes, I know I maybe new to this but I just know this is something I will enjoy doing.
 I mean c'mon!
I prepped up my blog, put time and effort into understanding HTML codes again. (haha)

Since I want something brand new, I won't be posting old looks here, only photos I have taken now in my Senior year of college.

But this will not be entirely a fashion blog! I love food too, and I love posting my opinions as well. So, I guess it's just a little bit of everything.

I am very excited for this new addiction in my life! hihi.

Well anyway, maybe it's best to get to know me first.

My friend had interviewed me before for this fashion magazine that she was doing for her class. Since she knows that I do photo shoots a lot, she decided to, well, interview me. Being the good friend that I am (and of course I wouldn't let the opportunity pass even if I know it's not a real magazine), I said YES with matching "kilig". haha!

So here are the screen caps from the magazine she made! :)

Ta-dah! So there, a bit of info about me. :)

Just getting my wardrobe ready.

YOU CAN SEE THE WHOLE MAGAZINE HERE. (She also interviewed Dani Barreto hihi) 

Monday, September 02, 2013

Whatever Forever

*long post*

Who knew I'll be business minded? I seriously hate math! 

And yet here I am.

How it started:

It was summer of 2013 and classes will resume in a few days. As usual, I haven't prepared my things yet, my room is a mess..and my wardrobe? Let's just say it doesn't wanna stay in my closet anymore. And of course, my mom is telling me nonstop to clean my room, fix my stuffs and arrange my clothes.

Then it hit me:
I can't even put all my clothes inside my closet anymore! Some I haven't worn at all! I was really just a shopaholic who can't let the chance to buy something pass. So I gathered all my clothes that I don't wear anymore and clothes I never actually wore. It was a pile!
Since I have been a super online shopping addict too, and a fan of vintage and thrifted finds, I thought, "well what the hell, I'm gonna sell these!"
So first things first!
I decided to create my shop on Instagram. It was what I was using most of the lazy time during summer plus a lot of shops have started there too.
But what name?

I thought of many things! The shops I follow usually have "mnl", "ph", "manila" in their shop names. I wanted that too! I wanted something cool and catchy. Well, I came out with nothing. But when I was browsing my camera roll, I happen to come accross this photo I screen capped waaaaaay before. And since I most likely say "Whatever" to anything, I decided that this will be my logo and the name of my shop.

STEP ONE: Name and Create a shop. CHECK.

whatever forever's first logo

STEP TWO: Be known

This was my problem before. Nobody wants to visit an empty account. And I don't want to post everything right away. I wanted to see if people will be interested. And poof! A TEASER! I uploaded a teaser and started following people randomly. (I would go to a shop, check their followers, then follow them)
And for the love of God.. Some followed back! Not only that, but a lot also commented "tag me"! That pushed me harder. I never back out from something I already started. (or do I? Not sure.. Well, not this time)

And then I launched my first collection of preloved items from my closet. And guess what? It took only 1.5 weeks for it to be sold out! Overwhelming? I know. 

There it was! I got my money! It was a fun summer! All will be back to normal.. NOT!

I realized that I loved what I did. I have gained friends too who I still connect with and still buy from me till today. 
So I decided to let it last a bit longer.


I'm the type of girl who always wants to be original. Hell, I can't stand it when I'm walking happily somewhere, then I suddenly see someone wearing the same top as I am. It kills me inside. :(

So I thought of something that has been there, but not yet widely spread, and are many are looking for. Midriffs. Cute midriffs. And just my luck! I saw a shop selling cotton spandex shirts and I just know, from the moment I saw the photo, that it would be perfect as midriffs. Plus! I know someone who prints wallets. And cause I wanted to be original, as I asked her to do customized wallets. 
It was a hit! Midriffs were sold out in 2-3 days wallets for 1 week. 

And then.. of course.. some people will see it.. some people will copy it. so yeah, I had to think of something again. I don't wanna have a shop that sells stuff that are already available in thousands of other shops. Plus I wanted to sell clothes that I would and could wear too! 

NEXT STOP: Thrift Shopping

* denim overload! All from thrift shopping

And guess what..

Yup, sold out again. In just one night. It was a cool collection and I love thrift shopping with my friends! But I knew there's something more that I could do.

I want my shop to stand out. I want to be able to see someone wearing something from my shop and I will know and say "That's from WF. That's my design".

So what did I do?

I started everything from scratch.
I though, I never liked the fitting of the unisex shirts from yalex, blue corner etc. so why would I settle with that? No. I bought and looked for the best fabric for my shirts. 100% pure cotton. (comfy) Then I had them made into cropped shirts and normal tees. I designed and designed (using adobe cs4. yes, I'm outdated). Then I went to recto to look for someone who could do decent silk screen templates. Then I bought A LOT of textile paints. Then I asked someone to silk screen the shirts. 
The designs?

  VARSITEES. Yes, I am confident enough to say that I coined the term. It's a bad pun, but I stuck with it. I've always ALWAYS got a thing for baseball shirts, tees with numbers and the like.. It's ny style. And when it suddenly became a fashion trend today, I was seriously sad (mad). Coz I hate dressing up only to see someone with the same style. Ugh. 
Well anyway, that's one of the reasons I do my own designs. So I'm sure that only a few will have it. And that I can still call it mine.

Then it's launching time. 

Will they like these?

*bts WF's varsitee collection shoot in Nuvali, Sta. Rosa

*my "models" from L-R: Agel, Veron, Mimi & Jocel

*WF's oficial photographer Flery (haha wink wink)


My first big collection, sold out in just one day!! 40+ items! not bad! (Of course there were those who were asdfghjkl irresponsible buyers who reserved then cancelled, but I manage to sell their item fast so who cares anymore)

*the best seller! Channing all over my Tatum shirt inspired by the music video

*of course it was my favorite as well. Haha.

It was a good day for sure. My fingers were numb from replying to all the messages and my phone was beeping non stop. 

*Varsitees logo

So what's next for WF?

A lot! Apparently. 

I am currently preparing for the launch of my pullover collection this Sunday (Sept.8) 

* teaser photo I launched last monday. But the date is moved to sept. 8 huhu


The biggest collection of WF before September ends! It's gonna be huge! Varsitees will be restocked with new designs, new printed shirts, baseball shirts, more pullovers, just a lot! 

I can still balance school and WF for now, but once it gets hard, I have to stop WF for a while, but I am seriously planning to join a bazaar on October (since it's our term break) so that I can experience what's it like to have a booth. Hihi. Plus when our OJT starts, I think I'll be busier.

Well anyway, WF has been simultaneously a stress reliever and stress giver. But for what's it worth, I love it. I put my heart into it. And I know it's a little forward to think of the future, but I just feel that this - WF, it's for keeps. Almost 7k followers, that's not bad. But I know if I work my ass off I can reach 10k. I want a double digit K. Okay?


I can see myself studying for my masteral degree, while being a freelance writer for some magazine, and answering inquiries for WF in the future. 

I won't stop until I get featured. THIS.

*the end