Thursday, August 29, 2013

Reinvented Blog: Marnelli Gaerlan

Before I start blogging about Whatever Forever, may I just say that I am in love with my new blog lay out? ❤

Finally! I sat down, tweaked a few things.. and ta-dah! :">

PinkxGreen - everyone knows this is my color combo. Yup. This is so me. And about the triangles, I just think they look cute that way. Like some kind of a distorted star. (Nope? You don't see it? Well, I do!) lol

Minimalistic Design - I don't wanna go overboard with designs. White works perfectly for me. 

New Name -  Well, I decided to name my blog after me since I love my name. haha. But in all seriousness, I just want something with my name on it. And we all know it's not gonna be a book nor an album. So hey, welcome to :)

Coz of my blog's reinvented look, I might blog more! And post more pictures too. (Yay me!)

Anyway, I'll probably do a post about Whatever Forever some other time. 

I'm in senior year of my college life which means, you know, THESIS. (ugh) Been busy with that lately and hopefully our group will survive our first serious defense. Wish us luck! xx

Saturday, August 24, 2013



(n) inflammation of the tonsils that may cause high fever, sore throat and the f*cking need to avoid eating sweets.

For the whole month of August, for some unexplainable reason, I crave for nothing but sweets. Desserts. Things I don't even like before. I will go out for lunch, dinner, tapsilog, etc... but never for desserts. And yet here I am, suffering from this great pain.

I have no clue, no explanation whatsoever. It just happened.

First stop: Cupcakes
These little devils kept me up at night.

Second stop: Mango Bravo
I hate how I manage to eat half of the cake and how I can eat the whole if it wasn't for my sister who loves it too. I hate you I hate you I hate... Aaaw shucks. I can't stay mad at you!

Mango Bravo., (n)
heaven sent cake from Conti's Bakeshop. Was said to be baked by Jesus with the help of His angels.


Third stop: Candies
Lots of them. I'm not talking a handful a day, not even two handfuls, but a lot. A LOT. capiche?

Fourth stop: Ice Cream
Seriously. What the hell? I never ever even liked Ice cream before! And all of the sudden when my aunt decided to buy some for the "kids" I suddenly couldn't help my self. I gave in. To chocolate.. Nay. Rocky Road Ice cream. The flavor I hated the most. And yet I managed to fill my cup.. and refill it.. 3 times.

Fifth stop: Chocolate
Ooops! It did it again. 

And then this happened. 

( okay, I was supposed to upload a picture here of what the tonsils look like, you know, inflamed, but then when I googled it, it grossed the kittens out of me.) 

Well point is.. I really feel sick. And I slept the whole day and I feel like shit. And I still have things to do. A lot of things. 

Ugh. Hate how I still won't stop eating even if it asdhdjfkl hurts!

Pigs will be pigs.