Monday, July 22, 2013


I stand for fairness and equality. I believe that we are all made one and the same and thus should be treated equally. We should not be little others. The poor should have the same rights as the rich. Only then can justice prevail. We live in a world full of biases wherein some people think that they are the superior being. Education, health services and other needs should not be limited to the fortunate and if the poor cannot afford them, then it shall be given by those who can. The weak stand no chance because they do not have the power.  Take racial discrimination for example. The Black, White, and Asian should be able to be in the same place at the same time without having to hear comments about each other’s race. It would be easier that way, right? And yet instead of being “friendly”, we tend to be protective of ourselves and judgemental of others because we place stereotypes everywhere. Stereotyping is not healthy. Not all Blacks are criminals. Maybe some become such because they were seriously labelled, continuously branded and they tend to embrace it. Such notion sticks to their mind. It is actually a good thing that some films today let black guys play the role of good guys instead of the movies before wherein they are always the bad guys. Then we have the homosexuals, bisexuals and transgenders. Do we easily think that they have not been through enough emotional (maybe even physical) pain? And yet, we still cannot find it in our hearts to accept them? I honestly do not think that God hates them. God loves everyone and He always has a reason for everything. They are not causing us any harm so what do we even have against them that makes them so unlikeable? Physical abuse is also one of the most pathetic and worst ways to show power. Imagine: A father beating his own child; an employer forcing her helper to eat cockroaches as punishment; a taxi driver who drags and rapes an innocent girl; a teacher who hits her students. Sadly, these are the kind of things that we find in the news every day. The world that God has made for us to take care of, as well as the human beings He created, has become chaotic. How long should we carry on like this? How long can we stand and watch at one side while others are being pushed down to the ground? I believe that peace is attainable but we cannot achieve it unless we take a stand. We have to have peace within ourselves first. We should practice doing something that will make us feel good and, most importantly, guilt-free. The problem is, our conscience is all messed up. We find it hard to determine what is right from wrong. Still, we have to continuously ask God for guidance. He has all the answers.  I stand for those who are hurt but still fighting. I stand for those who are broken because of our society’s cruelty. I stand for the weak and the abused. I stand for those who are victims of our unjust practices. I stand for justice. I stand for peace.

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