Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Nuggets a la fail

So i slept at around 8pm today coz i wasn't really feeling that good. But, as expected, i woke up around 11pm. And.. Now i have to try to sleep again (where in i know i will fail) coz i have classes at 8am tom (i should be able to wake up at around 5:30am). this, my body clock, which i think will continue through out the summer classes.

I'm getting off topic.
so.. I woke up and decided to cook. Weird i know. But i wanted to try the recipe i have found in the net yesterday. The recipe specifically said that it will turn out like mcdonald's nuggets. I was quickly hooked and wanted to try it. And so i did.
it was a total failure. Well, it didn't taste bad actually but it was also nothing close to those of mcdonald's. My sister, mom and brother all liked it. I don't know if they just don't wanna hurt my feelings since they know that i cooked it for them. damn, the hot cooking oil that somehow "exploded" in front of me leaves my left hand shaky. But i'm really used to it anyway.
I guess my measurements were off. I even made a gravy to match it (now, gravy, i have mastered gravy).
So that's the story.

okay, for tomorrow i will be cooking kakiage! My favorite japanese tempura. It's actually just vegetables in a tempura batter. but i love it. My bro will be cooking his famous tonkatsu. So tomorrow's dinner would be "Japanese" themed. excited for that.

thing is, i maybe going home a little late tomorrow since i'm trying out for The Paulinian, you know, the school magazine. Don't think i'm ready though. i can't write that well during summer.. my brain is somewhat sleeping. Haha. but i will try my best to write a column. so, good luck to that.

Anyway, i'm using my phone to blog now. Haha. good thing it has this app.
I maybe blogging a lot more now coz of this. Yay for me!

so i should really try to sleep now which will probably take hours!
really gotta do something 'bout my body clock.

Mom: you wanna cook? ano ka ba talaga ha? HRM ka ba?
Me: hahahahaha! NO. i swear i'll leave the kitchen clean..
Mom: okay fine. But it has to be spotless.
Me: oookay! :)
(i lied! Muhaha)

An excerpt for this day.


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