Saturday, February 25, 2012


So, yesterday I was out all day coz we made a video for @agelsy's debut. It was really fun and so much tiring. We shot the video at around 6pm coz her leading man was late. haha! anyway, I think it's pretty cool. I acted as the director/scriptwriter (funny how everyone followed my cockroach voice without being, Ina was responsible for the camera works, CJ and ofcourse, Agel were the two stars, my friend V, Ced, and V's friend Keith (dunno if this is the correct spelling) were all there to support. The part we shot was only the scenes with CJ in it (the "love story part).

 The only thing I hate is that I forgot to put my SLR's movie setting quality to 1280x720. That's why the video output looks like it was shot from a cellphone. DAMN! UGH! Honestly, I want to repeat everything because of my stupid mistake. ( I wasn't able to sleep well coz of that *sighs*) I WANT TO SHOOT IT AGAIN.  But then the video we shot would be wasted as well as the effort of everyone in it... and of course, time is not with us. Everyone has something they need to do.  I'M SUPER SORRY GUYS (especially Agel). I really liked the story.. :(( I wanna cry..

Anyway.. here's the SUPER low quality sample video. soooooorry! :(


So.. yeah, that's it. We still have to shoot scenes of Agel singing.
I'm so disappointed with myself right now. :((
I just let everyone down.

So guys if you would just agree to shoot again ( I know I'm asking too much but I just really want it to be perfect) I promise it would be much much much better! :((