Thursday, October 27, 2011


They all say it changes everything about a person. It's true. But for the better? I don't think so.

Love is this cruel thing created for living things. In addition, we have these countless movies and songs that make us believe in love! That love is actually fun and true.. and.. sighs
Love just sucks. It tends to make you feel alive enough to make you feel sorry in the end. It makes you blind about a certain person..nay, It makes you numb. You see that everything's completely wrong with the person you think you "love" and yet you just let him/her be. You still find him/her adorable. You let them use you. You lose who you really are as years pass by. You won't even know yourself. It gets you so lost that you just want to rewind everything. Regret and hate that person for causing you so much pain. Too much pain. It makes you feel so stupid for even thinking that it would still work. It will make you cry for so many days until you look like shit. It will make making decisions 10x harder. It will make you all twisted and mad inside. It will make you want to hit him with a vase or a chair or like.. a phone or something.

Don't get me wrong! falling in love is a nice feeling. Fireworks and sparks and giggly feeling and other things. But staying in love? It's a whole different issue! Hey, I even consider it as a problem. It makes you expect only to be knocked down by the same person who you thought would do anything for you. Your "prince charming" or "knight in shining armor" supposed to be. Love will make you fragile. So sensitive that everything he does or say will only hurt you. You will not know who's right or wrong anymore.. All you'll feel is anger and curiosity. Curious for answers. It'll all be confusing and blurred. You'll be left with a runny nose and eye bags. You'll get your stupid little heart broken. It will ache so much in the process of moving on which at first would have no progress whatsoever. All those promises you made with each other? bullshit. No one keeps promises nowadays.

end for now