Monday, September 12, 2011

Constant Loop

Have you ever felt like everyday is just an exact photocopy of the day before?

That's basically what my past two weeks have been. (*sigh) nothing special (good, great, stupendous, glorious, miraculous, weird) has happened! and usually I intend to break this so called "week-repeat" (yea, i thought of what I will call it)  but I just really don't feel like doing anything! (plus, I'm broke=zero balance in my pocket). I tried to write a short story for my other blog, but I just can't think of anything. I tried to color my doodle in Photoshop, but the stupid scanner won't scan. I tried to ask my friends to play Rock Band (my guilty pleasure, never fails to make me happy all week), but they're also as broke as I am. I want to practice photography, but I feel like every time i put my slr in my bag it gets heavy (plus the tons of paper for notes, doodles, etc.). I wanna play pottermore, but I didn't register (I have to wait till October T_T).  I'm just too lazy to do anything. Well, at least I'm studying for quizzes/tests the day before (that's a first) and I pass my assignments on time. That's probably one positive thing, right? I need someone to amuse me. HELP.

Oh well, that's all, I just love to rant. sue me. 

How the hell did I ran out of cash anyway?!

>> M.