Friday, August 26, 2011

My long weekend!

long weekend finally came! no classes for 4 days! i'm totally loving it. :D
but.. there's this storm, and i can't do much outside, so i decided to do some editing in photoshop. haha!

DAY 1 with cs4. (august 27, saturday)
(yes, i'm still using cs4 okay? sue me.)

 raine, danica and agel.
normal editing (brightness, contrast, etc.)
(Rob Ermita)

agel. lomo-ish effect.

Paper thingy. lol

first attempt for the "scribble" effect.

me, with full bangs. ( 
i think..ina took this. :P
just adjusted the light here using the render filter.

ina (freshmen initiation)
dim lighting.


agel & ina
freshmen initiation
sepia effect. (i adjusted the tint in b&w adjustments and the light.)

DAY 2: i went out with my family. :D (picture picture

my favorite earrings. (pacgirl. haha.)

the grass is greener on the other side. lol.

we went to north cemetery to visit my grandpa. ( rest in peace)

hello there. :D

manila's busy streets.

hah! went to rob mla. (sale kasi ee. haha!)

wew! i got dizzy coz of the hundreds of people in rob. apparently, nba held their "Rookie Draft" there. I never really liked basketball so..  Ididn't really care.

fuzzy lights in taft ave! (passenger's seat view.)

DAY 3.  Eastwood.

we bought my dad his birthday present, a pair of top siders. :D

my sister, lonely effect

happy birthday papa! :D

dad and mom, holding hands. haha! just took the shot for fun.

night life in eastwood is so fun. *sigh

johnny rockets CD juke box! I wanna have one of these. :D

my mom, me and my sis.

sorry for the blurred picture. yum yum! unlimited fries! :P

take note (flery), that i didn't use actions for any of this. srsly. haha! :D

Friday, August 12, 2011

that particular platypus

she has this messy curly hair that has been dyed a thousand times, red lips and fair skin.
she's about the same height as me, but she's WAAAY weirder than me. :D
she's a probinsyana from Mindanao (Tacurong to be exact) and her mom thinks that manileñas are all "party girls".
there is really nothing special about this girl (lol) and i just felt like blogging about her coz:
1. I've got nothing to blog about
2.she's the reason why i tried blogging
3.i liked the title of this post when i typed it
4.that's all the reason i have.

she shifted course from accountancy to communication arts (i know, big difference). but honestly, i think she belongs to advertising or fine arts since she is really a very artistic girl. she has her own world, but is restricted by her nanay (as she calls her mom). what else? it has been my ultimate goal to top her in every subject (but it really is very hard). haha. i guess i haven't exerted that much effort. *sigh. she's a fellow harry potter fan. she has this attitude that she'll do what she wants, without thinking about what her friends will feel.
she is sometimes childish, and I've never seen her serious ( she loves editing stuffs, and she always notices mistakes. I honestly thought that she was Bi. haha! but she's totally straight.
she has this blog,, and it's not bad.. in fact it's much more of a blog than mine. haha.
we call her "flery the platypus" ( get it? haha!)
 i know 40% of her deepest darkest secret.hehe.

she's a type of girl that's never simple, still a kid, and not yet ready to grow up. :)
but we all love her for what she is,
the weirdest of all human beings.(okay, so maybe i exaggerated too much, sue me.)

hey, where's flery? (haha. never gets old.)

(imma blog about 2 other friends next time, my head aches sooo much)

TEEHEE! ã  marnelligaerlan