Tuesday, July 26, 2011

that Asian on you tube

haha. just wanna share one of nigahiga's(ryan higa) video!

this guy never fails to make me laugh! i dunno where he gets his super funny jokes and skits!
He's my favorite You tube star. lolololoooooove him! <3

and omigosh, he even looks like Robi Domingo, (my ultimate crush BEFORE). but i think Ryan Higa has more (and better) sense of humor. and..(cue audio here) TENENENEENN... TEN TEN!
he's cute too. :">

oh well, still hoping that classes will be suspended tomorrow! (college students are not water-proofed you know?)
i can't even imagine going to school tomorrow with the heavy rain, the heavy traffic in taft ave.. and of course, the flooded streets that never fail to make my rainy days BLUER. (-_-)
*fingers crossed

TEEHEE! ã  marnelligaerlan

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