Thursday, July 28, 2011


(sorry in advance for the stupid ranting..i'm just totally tired)

it's 2:40 in the morning..
i'm still stuck here(8 hours straight! & yes, no potty breaks.) in front of my pc doing the stupid stupid stupid documentary film to be passed later at 7:30am.

i have no f*cking sleep!!

i looked in the mirror a while ago just to see my eyes growing two large bags beneath them.
i'm sooo screwed.
why won't the windows movie maker file just save into a movie? (don't judge me! i dunno how to use adobe after effects or other video editors.)
i'm totally pissed! how am i supposed to have energy for class later??
this is totally unacceptable.
i've repeated it a hundred times(i dunno if i'm exaggerating.) the file just wont publish into a movie!
i'm going bananas! (i do feel like a monkey now)
i've never failed in my forte (to edit things..i think) before!!
my back is aching. my head feels dizzy( yea! like i have some kind of hangover or something)..
i can't even open my eyes properly!

i'm just too pissed!
when i pass this documentary later, i'm gonna go chill somewhere (noriter, etc.), treat myself to a nice dinner, and get some freaking sleep!!

i forgot! i HAVE NO TiME TO SLEEP!
we're headed to Zambales(our province) this weekend. why ooooh why is this happening?
to top that all off, when we come back this sunday, i have to do my community service for our Religion class!
uuuuuhh boy..
what happened to the good old days when you do nothing but sleep, eat, blog, sleep?

(wait, imma check the video)

what am i gonna do??


i'm literally crying. :'(

sigh sigh sigh sigh.
time check=3:00am
another attempt
*double fingers crossed!!
okay okay, so far, plan A,B,C,D,E,F,G,H,I,J,K,L,M,N,O,P didn't work!

let's go to PLAN Q!
(i'm pretty sure that i didn't think of anything for plan q)

whatever. imma focus on my work now.


Tuesday, July 26, 2011

that Asian on you tube

haha. just wanna share one of nigahiga's(ryan higa) video!

this guy never fails to make me laugh! i dunno where he gets his super funny jokes and skits!
He's my favorite You tube star. lolololoooooove him! <3

and omigosh, he even looks like Robi Domingo, (my ultimate crush BEFORE). but i think Ryan Higa has more (and better) sense of humor. and..(cue audio here) TENENENEENN... TEN TEN!
he's cute too. :">

oh well, still hoping that classes will be suspended tomorrow! (college students are not water-proofed you know?)
i can't even imagine going to school tomorrow with the heavy rain, the heavy traffic in taft ave.. and of course, the flooded streets that never fail to make my rainy days BLUER. (-_-)
*fingers crossed

TEEHEE! ã  marnelligaerlan