Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Whatever PH: July Collection

Remember that I have this online Instagram based shop "Whatever Forever Ph"?

Well, I recently launched my latest collection! It's actually more of a mini collection since I only have 3 designs and few stocks. hihi.

I asked some of my friends to model and some to do the shoot. We did the shoot in Pillar Village (?) in Las PiƱas (if you're familiar with the famous Mang Raul's Barbeque, it's the beautiful park in front of it).

Check it out!

Throwback look #3

Planning to do a shoot soon *fingers crossed* but for now, I wanna post old looks.

I really don't know if my "style" changed in over a year. haha!

I am waaaay too girly here. But I like it. lol

Top: Bazaar Find
Skirt: Tomato
Pumps: Primadona

Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Throwback look # 2

Maybe I'll be posting my old looks before I post new ones.. IDK. :))

This is basically my favorite top. (now it's ruined, don't ask) 
My favorite wedges which I already sold cause I was so broke.
I think this was taken around 2013. 

Throwback Look #1

Just 'cause I feel like posting something. hihi

Friday, November 01, 2013

1st of November

Okay, I know I have been AWOL for a while but here I am again!

Since it's the first of November, I've decided to do a special ootd wearing Breima's fringed top in 2 ways. :)

First look!

aah, neon with mint is a match made in heaven!

Bad hair day, unfortunately, everyday.

See, what's unique with this fringed top is that the "fringes" are not too thin! It's like Fettuccine vs. Spaghetti. 

I actually had 3 shades of green in my whole outfit! Makes me a proud green girl (in a "green is my favorite color" kind of way haha).

aaaand the 2nd one!

I was actually about to leave when I came up with this. 
I was wearing my LBD (little black dress) and I had my eye on my forever fave plaid button down (coz you know, it gets so chilly at night) when instead I grabbed this loose fringed top. and Viola! Another versatile piece in my closet. :)

A little off shoulder look won't hurt :))

look! It's Fettuccine-ish! :">

Super cute hair bow from Seascapemnl! 

This is probably my fave "Chunky Shoes" so far. It's gold, it's comfy, it fits, hahaaay, I'm in love with it! 

Bad hair day beanie - Urbandreamsph on Instagram

Mint Fringed Top - Breima on Instagram

Army Green Shorts - Cotton on (but I got it from Stylesnapmnl on Instagram)

High socks tights - Circus Manila on Instagram

Neon pink and gray clutch - Terranova

Creepers - I actually can't remember the name of the shop :( but just as well, also from Instagram. hihi.

Pastel Yellow Hair bow - Seascapemnl on Instagram

Little black dress - Forever 21

Color block bag - CMG

Chunky Sandals - Titaniaph on Instagram

Hype this look on lookbook! :)

Friday, September 13, 2013

Quick Sets

I really should start thinking of my health.

I feel super sick again and I think it's cause of lack of sleep. I proclaim myself an insomniac. :( huhu

Well anyway, I'm still up an trying desperately to sleep. What I usually do is go to different online shops just to "window shop" (which usually ends up with my wallet crying), but since I just did my shopping recently, I decided to go to to make a few sets! :)

Check em' out! 


* This is probably what I'd wear to a rock concert (open field type). I wanted to turn this into an all black outfit..but cmon! those topshop jeans are meant for that bomber jacket! Plus it's ankle cut! pair it with wedge booties & I'm sure to look taller. <3



* You got to love gold with white! They're a match made in heaven. Kinda like what Athena or Aphrodite would wear if they were humans. Haha! I almost never go all white cause I'm really messy. But this is a perfect look when going to the mall. Tried to add a little "funky" with the beanie! 


* I totally dig this! Not to mention I am obsessed with pullovers. Black & White combos are a necessity in my wardrobe. Clean & chic, Yin & Yang. :)

Retro Vintage

* Can this be more Carrie Bradshaw? Faded florals screams vintage! With those shoes and that lovely skirt, you'll surely feel like your back in time (not that I was born in the 60s). Hihi!


* This is my favorite of all the sets I made tonight! You can go from day to night with this look. Just change your shoes and you're off to go! (or don't. Unless you're me, I can't go shopping in stilettos. Ouch!)
If someone could just tell me where to buy that cropped top here in Manila, please, I will forever thank you! I.NEED.THAT. 

Will start to make sets for some Corporate styles for our OJT ( on the job training) seminar next next week. I'll be sure to have a black and white look! :)

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Fashion Blog.. Not entirely.

So I thought about this for so long maybe because I wanted to do this for so long too!

Since I am into fashion right now and I keep posting my looks in lookbook and my OOTD's in Instagram, I decided why not also blog about them? :)

Yes, I know I maybe new to this but I just know this is something I will enjoy doing.
 I mean c'mon!
I prepped up my blog, put time and effort into understanding HTML codes again. (haha)

Since I want something brand new, I won't be posting old looks here, only photos I have taken now in my Senior year of college.

But this will not be entirely a fashion blog! I love food too, and I love posting my opinions as well. So, I guess it's just a little bit of everything.

I am very excited for this new addiction in my life! hihi.

Well anyway, maybe it's best to get to know me first.

My friend had interviewed me before for this fashion magazine that she was doing for her class. Since she knows that I do photo shoots a lot, she decided to, well, interview me. Being the good friend that I am (and of course I wouldn't let the opportunity pass even if I know it's not a real magazine), I said YES with matching "kilig". haha!

So here are the screen caps from the magazine she made! :)

Ta-dah! So there, a bit of info about me. :)

Just getting my wardrobe ready.

YOU CAN SEE THE WHOLE MAGAZINE HERE. (She also interviewed Dani Barreto hihi)